I founded this company in the year 2020, at the very time when the times are about to change.
With only one motive, I want to change a world where boring jobs are not disappearing.
I myself started my career at a company called “Net Venture” in the middle of the Heisei era (the 2000s).
Worked hard at my job with the belief that “technology will make the world’s boring common sense go away.
With this belief.
How about now, what has changed in 2025? Has Japanese society and the Japanese economy improved in any way?
Nothing has improved.
As usual, we have not been able to get out of the habit of following precedents and discoveries.
While Japanese companies are still struggling to survive, technology companies in China and the U.S. are growing rapidly.
In effect, they have come to dominate the world.
The Japanese economy has lost its competitiveness and is heading for decline due to various problems, including the declining birthrate and aging population.
The values that Japanese people have believed in until now are collapsing, and those who cannot adapt will be left behind.
The Internet is ablaze with advertisements that say,
“Are you looking forward to work today? The Internet is ablaze with advertisements that say, “Are you looking forward to work today? And many people are spending their days with a sense of “quiet despair”.
I am what is called the “lost generation”.
Had no luck in finding a job or changing jobs, the spartan education was painful.
I was not evaluated, my salary did not go up…the list goes on and on, but to be honest, never felt that I benefited “thanks to the country” or “thanks to the times”.
Like many people, I was immersed in “quiet despair” while searching for a breakthrough every day. Nothing in common sense and know-how prevailing in the world could turn my life around. However, I encountered the “immutable principles” of psychology, functional brain science, behavioral economics, quantum mechanics, etc., and by crossing them with the power of the Internet, which I had experienced, my life was transformed.
Now it is your turn
“Engage only in truly productive work and use technology to the fullest for our own prosperity.”
If only we have this will, we will be able to have more time for ourselves in a Japanese society that has been riddled with poor productivity.
By combining the human strength of wisdom with the leverage of digital technology, you can radically change your business and lifestyle.
Work is not the price of endurance. It is an opportunity to truly feel alive. Time is your best asset, and it is finite.
Through our services, we will contribute to society by sweeping away boring times,
increasing the number of people who can escape from quiet despair,
and creating Japanese people who spend the majority of their time in happiness.
Tetsuya Ashida