Armed with Wisdom and Digital,
Increasing the number of people who can survive in a capitalist society in turmoil

As the phrase “the lost 20 years” suggests, Japan’s economy has been in the doldrums for some time, and the decline in the working population has become more and more pronounced each year. In addition, the average annual income of Japanese people has remained unchanged for about 15 years at 4.05 million yen (as of 2021).

Japan is no longer a rich country

Such words are commonplace to hear, and furthermore, the current situation in this country has reached the point where there are certain people who say, “I am tired of hearing such talk.

I am what is called the “lost generation. I have never been able to find a job or change a job, the spartan education was painful, I was not evaluated, my salary did not go up…the list is endless, but to be honest, I never felt that I benefited “thanks to the country” or “thanks to the times”.

Every day, immersed in “quiet despair,” I tried to find a breakthrough, but nothing in common sense and know-how prevailing in the world could turn my life around.

However, things changed drastically after I caught the current trend of the “Internet,” learned about psychology, functional brain science, behavioral economics, quantum mechanics, etc., and put them into practice in my business and lifestyle.

Although it has not been smooth sailing, with your support and momentum, it has been four years since I became independent, and our company is about to enter its third term.

In addition, even before Corona, our company has been striving to create an environment where people can work while enjoying a quality lifestyle. We have made it possible for those involved to work completely remotely, and I myself have also traveled while running the company, which is an aspect of running a company.

But of course, this is not just a privilege for me or our company.
If you are looking at this and spending your days immersed in “quiet despair,” you can absolutely put an end to that.

I strongly hope that through my business, I can help those who want to change such a situation.